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At Chippewa Valley Energy, safety is our number one priority. We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for you, your family, your co-workers and our employees. Our staff undergoes continual safety and compliance training and requires up-to-date certifications for all of our drivers and technicians.  In addition, we perform in-depth testing on all our products to ensure you're receiving the best products and are in good working order.


At times, classroom training and protective equipment just isn’t enough.  With the cooperation of our customers, we ask that you help assist in reducing the chance of injuries while onsite by maintaining a clear path between the delivery vehicle and the propane tank or fill pipe.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Listed below are some common hazards that our drivers and technicians encounter during winter:





HAZARD:  Large piles of snow between driveway and propane tank/fill pipe


HAZARD: Icy walks and driveways

HAZARD: Trip hazards under snow


REMEDY: Keep a clear path between driveway and propane tank/fill pipe


REMEDY: Apply salt or sand as needed

REMEDY: Identify trip hazards hidden under the snow with a marker or remove them to a safe location

Reminder: The homeowner is responsible for the condition of all piping between the regulator and the appliances in the home.



Fuel Truck
Fuel Truck
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Fuel Truck