123-1000 gallon tanks



   123-30,000 gallon tanks



   Prepay, Budget, Scheduled Delivery,
   Will Call, Monitoring


We deliver propane to Chippewa Valley Energy leased tanks and customer
owned tanks.  In addition, we perform annual leak tests on all the tanks that we fill to ensure the safety of you, your family or your business.   Whether it’s a 123 gallon tank up to 30,000 gallons, Chippewa Valley Energy is there to serve you.


We are now offering fill-service and maintenance in our service area Monday-Friday (no more route days).  This allows for greater flexibility for you when scheduling an appointment and keeps our drivers in a specific region all week.  Click on the service area map to meet your driver and the areas we deliver to.

LP Gas • Construction & Equipment Fuels
Home Heating Oils • Fixed Price Plans • Safety Checks



Prepay Program: Every summer we mail out contracts with new pricing and terms. 
This is the best time to lock-in your pricing for the winter season.  Don’t overpay for propane. Talk to one of our customer service representatives today for all the details.


Budget Program: Similar to our prepay program, our budget program allows you to make low monthly payments throughout the contract period.  For more information, contact our toll free number (800-353-7378) for more details.


Will Call Delivery:  If you need propane and you own your tank (or lease one of ours), call us when your tank has approximately 30% left.  Minimum of 250 gallons per order
is required.  Please check your tank often to avoid out-of-gas charges.