Chippewa Valley Energy provides Heating Fuels for home, business, agriculture and construction needs.
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Chippewa Valley Energy is proud to offer a full line of Cenex Premium Home Heating Fuels. Our Home Heating Fuel program delivers exceptional service, competitive prices and premium quality fuels.  Chippewa Valley Energy also offers  #1 Diesel, #2 Diesel for home heating applications.


✓ Dependable Deliveries            
✓  No Hidden Fees

✓  24-Hour Emergency Service  
✓  Certified Technicians

✓  Competitive Pricing                  
✓  Payment Plans


In addition to home heating fuel, Chippewa Valley Energy features an Auto Fill fuel program. This service is designed to extend the life of your fuel tank and assure the effective, efficient and reliable operation of your furnace. Contact Chippewa Valley Energy first for all your home heating fuel needs.





• Prepay or Booked Contracts

• Scheduled Delivery

• Tank Monitoring

• Fuel Caddies



Fuel Truck
Fuel Truck
Fuel Truck
Fuel Truck
Propane Truck
Fuel Truck
Fuel Truck
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