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Dedicated To Our Community


We are invested in your community because we are a part of your community.  From sponsoring events to raising money and volunteering for fundraisers, we are passionate about helping the communities we serve.





• A maximum of three scholarships will be awarded each year.

• Each scholarship will be $750 for each individual student.

• Each applicant must complete a scholarship application provided by Eau Claire Coop Oil Co.

• Each applicant must turn in their previous year transcript and assurance of enrollment with the application.

• Scholarships are only taken into consideration for undergraduate programs.

• The transcript must indicate a passing grade and GPA to qualify for a scholarship.

• Each applicant who received a scholarship for past years must reapply every year to be eligible for the current year scholarship.

• Each applicant can only qualify for the scholarship for a maximum of 4 years.

• The application, transcript and assurance of enrollment may be turned in between April 1st – June 30th, any late applications will not be accepted.

• Scholarship funds will be awarded in August for the upcoming semester.

• Eau Claire Coop Oil Co. reserves the right to deny any application for scholarship.


2019 Application

2018 Scholarship Recipients





Fuel Truck
Fuel Truck
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